Administer or Refer?

If you are a primary care provider or gastroenterologist, you have the option of administering IBS-80 yourself or referring out to a provider – typically a dermatologist – who routinely administers patch testing. If you would like to add patch testing to the services you offer, everything you need to know – including videos and written instructions – can be found on our How to Administer page. If you prefer, we can walk you through the process. Contact us for a phone tutorial.
If you are a dermatologist or allergist who does not normally treat patients with IBS, you now have the opportunity to provide an important service for IBS patients. Upon completion of the patch testing, counsel the patients on avoidance of the foods identified by the testing (food avoidance information is provided on this website) and send them back to their regular IBS provider(s) along with results of their testing.
All providers: If you would like to be listed on the Find a Provider page of our website as a medical provider who administers IBS-80, please contact us.