IBS-80 Basic and IBS-80 Plus are ordered by prescription for specific patients and purchased directly from The Compounding Pharmacist. To order, download and fill in the below prescription form and fax to us. All prescription orders are shipped so that they arrive at your office on either the 2nd or 4th Thursday/Friday of each month (see Prescription Form). Some providers ask patients to pay for the patch test materials when ordered, in advance of the actual testing.

Prescription Form        or call:  866-692-8770

Download/view IBS-80 Basic and IBS-80 Plus list of allergens.

Which test to order: Basic or Plus?

IBS-80 Plus is recommended since it offers the most comprehensive testing and offers the highest probability of detecting all relevant allergies.

There are several reasons to consider IBS-80 Basic instead for your patient:

  • For most people, Basic will likely identify all relevant allergens.*
  • Practically speaking, in smaller individuals, it is often difficult to find enough surface area on the back (and upper inner arm if necessary) to apply and keep in place more than 80 allergens for 48 hours.
  • There may be financial considerations. (See FAQ page: Does healthcare insurance cover IBS-80?)

    *Note: If allergens are identified by Basic and after one month of avoidance the symptoms persist, it is highly recommended to test the patient for the remaining 26 allergens since one or more of these allergens may also be contributing to the symptoms. Contact us for information about ordering these additional 26 allergens.

If you need further information to determine which set of food allergens—IBS-80 or IBS-80 Plus—is best for your patient, please contact us by email or phone to discuss. You can also view/download the list of allergens for both products.

Prescription Form        or call: 866-692-8770

Cost and Insurance

Cost of Materials (includes shipping and handling): IBS-80 Basic – $265; IBS-80 Plus – $340.  You determine the fees for administering the tests.

Insurance: Some insurers cover the testing and others do not. Prior to scheduling, you may use the following codes to check with the patient’s insurer about coverage. For IBS, typically diagnosis code K58.9 (IBS) and procedure code 95044 (patch testing) are used for billing, with the number of units being 80 for IBS-80 Basic and 106 for IBS-80 Plus. Note that many insurance policies limit patch test coverage to 80 units per year.


IBS-80 is currently available in the following states:

New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

We are in the process of licensing in all 50 states. If you would like to be notified when IBS-80 is available in your state, contact us and we will notify you as soon as it is available. Or, you can look for announcements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.