These testimonials are from actual IBS-80 patients who filmed the videos themselves and were not paid or compensated. If you have benefited from IBS-80 and would like to submit a testimonial, please contact us.


                       Diane – Perkasie, Pennsylvania


                    Alyse – Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Written Testimonials

Kelly S., the mother of an 11 year old girl with food patch testing finding allergies to benzoyl peroxide (used to bleach flour) and pinene alpha (a natural chemical in celery, parsley and carrots):
“Our trip to Dr. Stierstorfer can only be described as a life changer.
My daughter who is 11 years young had been suffering with IBS for years. The last two or three, it had begun to get progressively worse. We had all the tests done, endoscopy, colonoscopy, allergy testing, everything came back negative. I was told time and time again that it would just take time to figure it out. By September of 2015 the symptoms were so severe that my daughter was almost bedridden two to three days a week vomiting and with sever diarrhea. No one had an answer for me. No diets worked. Nothing I eliminated seemed to keep her well for very long.
At my very peak of frustration I found Dr. Stierstorfer. Because of my daughter’s age and symptoms he took the time to contact me directly and tell me about what it is that makes his test different. He took the time to make me feel comfortable about putting my child through yet one more test.
I took her in for the testing and he and his staff were wonderful. When the results came back I was finally able to connect the dots. He had found the needle in our haystack and the answer to our problem.
We had known that there had been some problem with bread, but we thought it was gluten. It wasn’t the gluten at all but the bleaching agent used in flour. She was having a severe allergic reaction to the bleached flour. While on the mend, I would feed her homemade soup. She wouldn’t get better though. I now know it was because she is allergic to carrots, celery and parsley. All the good ingredients required in homemade soup.
I am happy to say that since this day in mid February 2016 my daughter’s life has changed. I simply removed the few things that had come up positive from her diet. She has not had one IBS symptom. Not even a stomach ache.
Thank you Dr. Stierstorfer for giving my child her life back!”
M.E., a 29 year old woman, with patch testing showing allergies to red food dye:
“…if I avoid…red food dye, I don’t experience the pain and diarrhea from IBS! I’m a happy girl!”
Deborah D., a 42 year old woman, with patch testing showing allergies to asparagus, balsam of Peru (a flavoring), benzoic acid, (a preservative), benzoyl peroxide, carmine (a red food dye), cinnamon bark, horseradish, nickel, and sodium bisulfite:
“This is a life changer. I thought the daily discomfort was normal.”
David M., a 57 year old man, with patch testing showing allergies to sodium bisulfite (a preservative), carmine (a red food dye), vanilla extract, octyl gallate (a preservative), paraben mix (a preservative), lanolin (chewing gum additive), cinnamon bark, benzoyl peroxide, 2-tert-butyl-4 methoxyphenol (BHA) (a preservative):
“I have had one month of normal bowel habits. Three small flares that I was able to trace back to one the items on the list… I have learned so much about the items causing me problems and have had a normal month. The first in a long time. I am unable to thank you for how you have changed my life.”
M.B., a 76 year old woman found to have allergies to cinnamon bark, benzoyl peroxide and red food dye:
“….may I have one of your pamphlets? I have someone who may be interested. The testing has changed my life.”