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If you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and are frustrated by the lack of effective treatment, help may be here! IBS-80 is a new approach to IBS that identifies food allergies not detectable by traditional blood tests or prick and scratch tests. It uses testing routinely done by dermatologists called skin patch testing to identify a different type of food allergy. By avoiding foods that cause an allergic reaction with patch testing, more than 60% of IBS patients have been helped, including over 30% completely or almost completely cured.

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Until now, medical researchers mistakenly believed that food allergies do not cause IBS because they were investigating the wrong types of allergies! Even if a blood test is negative for a particular food, you may still be allergic to it. This is exactly what happened to dermatologist Dr. Michael Stierstorfer, who developed IBS-like symptoms ten years ago. A blood test was negative for garlic, but a patch test was positive—a red, itchy mark appeared where the garlic was in contact with his skin. When he stopped eating garlic his symptoms completely disappeared, and he remains symptom-free today.

The simple 3-step process is safe, painless, low-cost and non-medication based:
1. Wear the patch tests for 2 days.
2. Discover foods that cause an allergic reaction.
3. Stop eating those foods.Get tested now. It could change your life.

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What can I do about my IBS?

If you’ve seen your gastroenterologist or primary care provider, there’s a good chance you were told that traditional treatments are often ineffective. You may have been told it’s psychological. The cause of IBS is unknown, and standard treatments are often ineffective. Finally, there’s hope!
In 2008 Dr. Mike Stierstorfer, a dermatologist in practice in the Philadelphia area, was diagnosed with IBS. About one year after the symptoms first started, he made an important connection – his condition only acted up after eating foods containing garlic. He suspected his discomfort was the result of a newly acquired allergy to garlic.
To investigate, he applied a patch test of garlic to his skin, and the result was dramatic – after two days, an itchy red mark appeared under the garlic, indicating a strong allergic reaction. He eliminated any foods with garlic from his diet, and his symptoms disappeared within a day! He has been symptom-free ever since.

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What is IBS F.A.S.T. Test®?

What is IBS-80®? How is it New?

After his discovery, Dr. Stierstorfer spent the next 10 years researching and developing a skin test that tests for up to 106 common food allergens. Based on skin patch testing traditionally used to evaluate skin rashes, IBS-80 is used specifically to test for foods that may be causing IBS. Learn More
How can I get tested?

How can I see if food allergies are causing my IBS?

If you have been diagnosed with IBS, IBS-80 may be the testing you need. IBS-80 is a patch test that is applied by your medical provider – most commonly a dermatologist or allergist – but your primary care provider, gastroenterologist or any properly trained provider can apply it. To see if these food allergies are causing your IBS, consult with your medical provider or request a referral to a provider who performs patch testing. Any provider skilled in patch testing can order IBS-80 by prescription for you and perform your testing.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

The IBS-80 process is easy. On the first visit the patches will be applied to your back. You’ll return two days later to have them removed and for the initial reading. One to two days later you’ll go in for the final reading to see if you had any further reactions to any of the foods.
If you’re allergic to any of the foods, there’s a good chance they are causing your IBS symptoms. The next step will be to eliminate the foods identified by the test from your diet. It’s that simple! Learn More
Does it always work?

Does it always work?

In studies so far, IBS-80 has significantly improved the lives of over 60% of the people who have taken it. Over 33% reported complete or nearly complete relief from symptoms.
IBS is a complicated condition that could have many causes, and IBS-80 does not work for everyone. But if you are one of the IBS sufferers whose symptoms are caused by food allergies, help may be here.

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